To Ensure that we provide the best service to our valued customers .

All your purchases from the CENMAR website are subject to

exchange and refund.

- All you have to do is make sure of the after-sales service policy:

Here are the following common steps:

The exchange and return policy includes all House of Cenmar products except:

1- When the return request is submitted after the specified time, which is one day

from the date of receipt.

2- When the product is used, or when it is damaged by the buyer, or when it is not in

the same condition in which it was received, such as the envelope, invoices, etc..

3- Specific products such as accessories, socks, free products (a gift from the

merchant), etc.

4- Damaged products.

5- Consumable products that have been used or installed.

6- Products whose serial numbers (barcodes) etc. have been tampered with or


7- Products without price tags, stickers, original packaging, or lack of any of its


8- Products that are breakable or used as a perfume product.

* It is excluded from the above if it was actually received damaged... You can attach

a photo to prove this in the place designated for that, either by computer or mobile

We are always in the protection of consumer rights, but we do not guarantee the

resolution of the dispute in the dispute between sellers and customers,


If you wish to replace the order or part of it:

Replacement steps :

- When submitting a replacement request after the specified time, which is 3 days from the

date of receipt.

1. Informing the seller through the website or by mobile phone of the buyer’s desire to


2. Wait for the acceptance process from the seller.

3. Pack the shipment as it is upon receipt.

4. Mark the product mentioned to be returned in the invoice, if any.

5. Communicate with the seller to confirm who pays the shipping value.

6. Shipped to seller's address.

7. First time delivery charge: Buyer pays it because it is a consumer.

8. Fees for the shipment of replaced goods: the buyer undertakes to pay it because he is

mistaken, provided that the seller accepts that.