About Us

The brand behind the designs

House of Cenmar

Our Inception

House of Cenmar was established in London in 2017. Founded by a passionate Saudi Arabian designer, the brand embodies the spirit of Arab heritage with a contemporary twist. The name "Cenmar," chosen by Hamed Aldabbour, evokes the moon's enduring beauty in the ancient Arabic language. A recurring motif in Arabic poetry and hadiths, the moon represents a timeless element of elegance deeply woven into the Arab cultural identity.

Cenmar has garnered a loyal following and expanded its reach, establishing a presence in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, the US, and its birthplace, London.

Our History

Drawing inspiration from Islamic art, global cityscapes, and historical architecture, House of Cenmar seamlessly blends quality craftsmanship and artistic heritage with contemporary streetwear. Aldabbour, who has full creative control over Cenmar’s pieces, works with designers in London and Italy for his unique, unapologetic prints that are intrinsic to the label.

This East-meets-West aesthetic, currently exhibited at The National Museum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a testament to the brand's unique identity, offering a bridge between tradition and modern style, while remaining relevant to the global fashion scene.

Our Stories

Infusing his designs with a captivating blend of cultural influences, Hamed Aldabbour draws inspiration from Islamic art, global cityscapes, historic architecture, and motifs of faith and fauna – the wolf, cheetah, falcon, and horse. This rich tapestry empowers wearers to express their unique style. A champion of elevated streetwear,

Aldabbour's work has garnered acclaim from international media. His longstanding passion for both creative expression and meticulous craftsmanship ensures every piece is a timeless addition to the wearer's wardrobe, reflecting the influence of couture while maintaining enduring quality.