House of Cenmar

Through the mountains, the sands and across the Red Sea. Lo and behold for what will come to be.

Every design and every fabric, composed by the maverick. Aroused everyone, from the modern to the classic.

Influenced by customs and traditions, being flexible in all conditions. From animal prints and Arabian symbols, the creative process was far from simple.

Every style and schematic nothing less than fantastic. Described by those who chose to wear clothes that felt like magic.

This was the story of Hamed Aldabbour. Who created a legacy, for whom many will approve.

That House of Cenmar is a fashion heirloom. For generations to witness, on every stage and in every room.

Inspired by culture, House of Cenmar blends flawless craftsmanship, profound heritage, and avant-garde style into an extravagant fusion of East and West. Renowned for redefining streetwear with unparalleled luxury, Cenmar shines on international stages and in fashion publications. Guided by a Hamed Aldabbour designer, each creation exudes timeless charm beyond passing trends. The name "Cenmar," echoing the Arabic name for "moon," evokes celestial beauty. The brand was established in 2016 and launched in 2017 in London. House of Cenmar draws inspiration from the hues of sand dunes and magical nature, reflecting the beauty of the landscape. It draws inspiration from the wolf for its leadership, loyalty, and pride, as well as from the falcon, symbolizing freedom and soaring in the sky. Additionally, it embraces high spiritual concepts and faith. These artwork and design gained significant popularity worldwide, uniting people through shared values and principles.

Our brand identity is intricately woven with timeless virtues that define who we are and what we stand for. At our core, individuality, quality, unity, loyalty, faith, and strength form the very fabric of our ethos. These values are not just words to us; they are the guiding principles that shape every aspect of our design philosophy and decision-making process.

Each thread in our tapestry celebrates innovation and fearlessness, reflecting our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing new challenges. Whether it's through groundbreaking designs or bold initiatives, we embody the spirit of risk- taking, knowing that it is integral to our journey of growth and evolution.

In essence, our values serve as the compass that steers us towards excellence, ensuring that every product we create and every action we take resonates with authenticity, integrity, and purpose. They are not just ideals we aspire to; they are the foundation upon which our brand identity is built, guiding us as we strive to make a meaningful impact in the world of fashion and beyond.

Our brand remains deeply committed to society, actively engaging in initiatives that uplift and support communities during all circumstances. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken proactive steps to raise awareness and promote safety. As part of these efforts, we have designed and distributed free T- shirts featuring graphic social- distancing messaging. These designs serve as a powerful tool to encourage responsible behavior and spread crucial awareness about the pandemic, reflecting our unwavering to making a positive impact on society.

As a socially responsible brand, we are dedicated to using our presence in the fashion industry to really make a difference. We actively sponsor our community, which includes supporting football teams from a range of nationalities, countries and age groups.

Recycling is vital for safeguarding our planet, and our brand is deeply committed to this cause. We prioritize the production of recyclable bags to minimize waste and promote environmental preservation. Upholding our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, the collection prioritizes the use of recycled fabrics, overstocked materials, and organic textiles, exemplifying our dedication to sustainable fashion practices.

Social Responsibility is the cornerstone of creating a better society. By actively engaging in initiatives that uplift communities, we can collectively foster positive change and improve the lives of those around us.

We also participated in an event for children battling cancer, extending our care and support to each child. Our commitment was demonstrated through the supporting and organize the event and distribution of gifts and toys to brighten their day and bring moments of joy during challenging times.

Success Partners

+10 Countries

We've cultivated a robust bond with our stakeholders, rooted in unwavering communication, continuous consultation, and mutual trust. This fosters transparency and aligns us towards shared objectives in project execution. Maintaining a fruitful rapport with our stakeholders is paramount, driving us to adopt forward-thinking strategies in problem-solving and decision-making. While we remain pragmatic about timelines, we take pride in crafting bespoke designs for our partner stores on special occasions—an endeavor we're committed to expanding.


Our brand stores are strategically located in diverse areas, each adorned with a distinct design that harmonizes with its surroundings and embodies the essence of our brand.

Our brand's popularity exceeds one billion views, endorsed by celebrities on TV and social media, who showcase it to millions of followers without financial compensation. Their genuine love and trust amplify our brand's allure

At our brand, we believe in genuine connections and authentic partnerships. When it comes to engaging with celebrities, we uphold the principle that true endorsement stems from a shared passion and belief in our vision, rather than financial compensation. Our ethos values meaningful collaborations driven by mutual admiration and resonance with our brand values, ensuring that every endorsement reflects a sincere alignment with our goals."


House of cenmar was founded on innovative foundations, committed to providing unique fashion collections every season. House of cenmar delivers everything according to its own standards, including measurements, fabric and color shades. The clothing is designed exclusively in-house, where every aspect of the process is taken into account with the utmost care. The process begins with creating a Mood Board, which links together all the inspiring colors, fabrics and images. This is followed by the development of preliminary designs and ongoing meetings to refine the layouts. The team is careful to choose fabrics, colors and measurements with great care, and initial samples of designs are made to ensure the required quality and shape. Designs, fabrics and final colors are carefully selected, preserving the spirit, thought and effort put in by the entire cenmar team.



We have being participating in the biggest fashion events world wide along with fashion weeks in Milan and Paris which is part of our growth strategy.

We are an integral part of celebrating the successes of our partners by actively participating in their openings and events. It's not just about collaboration; it's about being present and supporting each other's milestones along the journey to success.

Our brand is privileged to partake in the Saudi Horse Cup, a pinnacle celebration of sports and entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our involvement underscores our dedication to championing and commemorating the finest aspects of this dynamic nation.